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Friday, January 25, 2013

Gram and Gramps

Just got off the phone with my Grandma. It's been a while since we've had dinner and played cards, so we made plans to get together next week. My grandparents are some of the coolest people ever. Cool, and godly. They've been together for almost 60 years I think! Gram is always encouraging me in my walk with Jesus Christ, and she prays for me all the time. A large portion of my memories include my grandparents. I am so blessed to have had these special times with such wonderful people! (Obviously I could not list everything here and you know the minute I publish this post I will think of ten more things to add to the list...so, oh well)

*camping at Hoffmaster with our big family
*hunting up north, tracking deer in the dark, playing cards in the trailer, singing by the fire
*Gram reading Good Night Aunt Lily when we slept over
*Gram and Gramps coming along on our family vacations down south, and up to New York/Niagara Falls
*Christmas Eve with the whole family at Gram and Gramps' house
*Gramps reading the Christmas story every year
*playing cards by the fire
*fun times crammed in Gram and Gramps' hot tub with our cousins...there would be like ten of us little kids in there at a time
*the year Gram came and taught my students how to make sock monkeys
*Gram and Gramps leading their hymn sings at church these last few years
*the time they came and got me when I locked my keys in the car at WalMart
*the summer Gram and I prayed together one morning a week
*they hosted my 16th birthday party for the whole youth group
*they hosted at least one other girls' sleepover too
*Gram reading to my students on Reading Day several different times
*staying in the deer woods with them and T while mom was at teacher convention
*Gram's applesauce made over the camp fire
*Gramps leading song service at Bethel when I was a kid
*shopping with Gram for material for new pillows
*Gram's laughing til she cried when we played Uno
*Gramps coming to rescue me and Melissa Franklin when my windshield wipers broke and it was pouring (or snowing?)
*for my 19th birthday Gram wrote in a beautiful little notebook a bunch of Scriptures that had been meaningful to her along with some words of testimony
*we always had a bowl of cereal when we went to Gram and Gramps' house
*Gram and Gramps went to WI with me for my college baccalaureate and graduation
*Gram taking time to make zucchini bread with the twins and me
*Gram's gluten free chex mix
*helping Gramps put up the 12 foot Christmas tree a couple times
*visiting Great-grandma Warnock in the nursing home with Gram and cousins and
those "chicken little" sandwiches from KFC
*trips to Ludington to hike, fish, swim over spring break, especially when we were younger and it was T and me and the Grands
*listening to Gram practice her memory verses
*Gramps playing harmonica, guitar, banjo, mandolin, piano, washtub, saw, and who knows what other instruments
*Gram's help making Risa's beautiful baby quilt
*taking my class to the deer woods for a day, a couple different years, and watching Gram and Gramps teaching and loving the kids

Saturday, January 19, 2013


Since I'm not on Facebook these days I thought I'd fill in a little bit of what I'm doing to prepare for my future in teaching. Tomorrow I take the cpr/first aid class required by the state of Michigan in order to apply for my certification. When that class is done and I have the appropriate proof of completion, I can mail that in along with transcripts, copy of my previous cert, and the application for MI certification. Then it's back to waiting. The state will tell me what else I need in order to obtain my certification, and I will do it. Whatever it is. Because I want to be certified by the state of Michigan, I want to teach, and I want it as soon as possible!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Read It

The Books of the Bible by Biblica. It's written without chapter or verse markings, footnotes, references, etc. Instead of two columns on a page, this Bible is written just like any other book. Also, the books of the Bible are arranged in a different, better, order to aid in understanding the Scriptures. The whole point is to focus on God's Word and nothing else. There are no numbers, letters, notes to get in the way of the full impact of God's Holy Truth. I got a copy of the New Testament (NIV) for Christmas, and I absolutely love it. Reading God's Word has never been so refreshing, enlightening, and enjoyable. Looking for something new for your Bible reading/study this year? I highly recommend The Books of the Bible!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Big Kids, Little Kids

For seven years I taught 5th and 6th grade students, as well as some 2nd-4th graders. Now, I teach 18 months to 3 year olds! Big difference. Here are some things I never heard or said in upper elementary... *"I just went potty!!!" *"Don't stand on the chair!" *"Can I have a potty treat?" *"Who's stinky??" *"Quit flushing the toilet." *"Don't bite." *"Who's Mickey Mouse is this?" *"He won't share!" *"Use your words." *"We don't hit our friends." *"Don't open that door." *"Is she all out of diapers?" *"Why?" *"Get the potty seat." *"Don't throw your food on the floor." *"Time for naps." *"I want up." *"Go get on your cot." *"Walking feet!"

Monday, January 7, 2013

Look Back

Here are some noteworthy events from 2012: April - Kristin and Nate's wedding in Wisconsin (number 8 as a bridesmaid) June - Andrea and Drew's wedding in Utah (number 9 as a bridesmaid) July - Lakeshore Christian Academy, my alma mater and place of employment, closed forever. It was a shocker, believe me. July - my car broke down on the way to Indy and I had to be towed for the first time ever! After I had a meltdown on the phone with my dad I pulled it together, and, with help from Jim & Stacie, got all the arrangements made, the car got towed & fixed, and I had a great 4th of July with some fantastic friends. July - With a handful of other church ladies I went up north to South Manitou Island for 4 days of backpacking, hiking, camping, and fellowship. IT WAS AWESOME!!! September - started work at Kid's Kampus daycare. I'd worked there off and on over the years, but never full time. It's going well. I love the kids. (duh, of course I do...) December - Family Christmas at my house, for the first time. Nothing fancy, but nice to have a warm cozy home in which to host our little get-together.